Saturday, October 24, 2009

What does Guam look like?

About a week ago, I drove around Guam to see some of the island. Its a bigger island than I thought and there is no convient way to get from point A to point B. The first two pictures are of the southern tip of the island. Not sure of the names of the bays or that I would even attempt to spell them. The picture taken from the higher vantage point was taken near a river outlet. You may have heard about the Imperial Japanese Soldier that was captured in 1972, still fighting WWII. That event took place near the this river. They have a tour of the cave he lived in for 27 years. He was the last one captured. That is the meaning of dedication to a cause.

This picture of the bay is actually a natural swimming pool outlet (below), which is behind where I took this picture. They have a diving platform that you can climb up and jump into the water and swim around. It was very protected from the ocean. What you see here is the outlet back to the ocean, it constantly has a fresh flow of water into the pool

This is Cetti Bay (below). Guam has some serious hills/mountains. Its hard to see from the picture but it is pretty rugged once you leave the beaten path. There is supposed to be a falls and hike down to the bay, we didn't have time to do the hike, they suggest three hours one way.We never found the trail head, but then again we didn't look very hard for it either.

In case you were wondering what the weather is like here, for those in Shreveport/Bossier, you'd be right at home. Torrential down pours occur quite often. I woke up the other morning to the sound of rain flying horizontially hitting my storm shutters and the howling wind. Needless to say, the drainage problem here needs to be addressed.


Cindy said...

And this is WORK?!? Wow, it's beautiful there!

The Otis Family said...

Hey sweetie. I didn't even realize that you'd posted anything until Facebook told me. Looks like you're barely surviving. I don't know how you do it living in such terrible conditions. Enjoy a hike for me please.

eNJay & B said...

well i've been derelict for quite awhile. it was good to catch up on all of your all's happenings. guam does look really pretty, chris. it seems like a pretty good place to be stuck...or at least better than some places.

kaye, good luck with your running. if you don't run too much between now and thanksgiving, i could probably stay up with you. just keep that in mind as you prepare for your 5-miler.